Writer’s Life Wednesday: What About When Things Go Wrong?

Hi folks,

Word for the day: resilience

Color for the day: bright green

You may notice that this post is a little late. I have encountered some technical difficulties. A friend let me know the other day that whenever they went to my site, they got a security notification, saying that my site was a known bad site. WOWZAS! Well, fret not, dear friends. I spent a lot of yesterday working on it, and I think we’re on the up and up, but I may have to do a few more things to make it just right.

If you have cookies for my site, please do us both a favor and delete them. I will be sending around the new links with the https instead of http, and that should help us get in the clear.

Sometimes things go wrong, and as creative professionals, it can be scary trying to learn all the big bad technical stuff that goes with working online. The learning curve is steep, and that’s why it’s good to make time to learn something every day. Random learning is good, but targeted learning is preferred when it comes to things like the workings of digital platforms and careers. These are things I am just getting the hang of, and I still have a lot to learn about running a website well. For the time being, I will be skipping Thursday’s post this week. We’re working on getting our chicken coop ready, and I’m finishing up the formatting on my Thesis.

Exciting stuff in the works!
Until next time, friends,

Be well!


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