Wonder in A Time of Pandemic

Dear Fellow Creators,

It is so important in times that make us ponder our mortality to keep the good things present, or if possible, to bring them to the forefront of our lives. As creators, it’s essential to actively cultivate an appreciation for the wonder of life, a sense of humor, a foundation of gratitude, and an attitude of kindness. While it is good to write about the darkness, while there is much to wonder at there, we also have a duty to remind ourselves and each other that there is more. When we can’t be present with one another in person, keeping in touch online is paramount, but there is no pandemic more dangerous than panic.


Notice the root of those two words. Pan. All. Root for pandemonium, pan is also the root for panacea, which is a cure-all, for pan-harmonic which is universal accord, and for pantheon, all the forms of deity. Pan is the root for Pandora the fictional personification of mankind’s curiosity that unleashed all the world’s ills. Remember friends that at the bottom of Pandora’s box was hope. All the pain and suffering in the world are subjugated by hope, for hope keeps the spirit from giving in to the fear that can destroy us. In times of crisis, when the shadow of fear threatens in reality, the best weapons we can wield are the sword of truth, the light of hope, the helm of wonder, and the mantle of love.

This is where we are. We can’t go back to what we were before. We have to be more. Go forth and be the creators you were born to be. Be brave, be kind, and be the ones others can look to. Be wonder-full.

Until next time,

Be well.



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