Wild Ideas: 5 Places to Look

Word for the day: Curious

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Heya folks,

I’m back with more tips for you now that (I think) I have my security issue fixed. Today I am bringing you my top 5 tips for tracking down ideas in the wild where they live. Once you’ve trapped a few, we will look at how to take care of your freshly caught muses.


  1. Outside: You’ll hear me say this a lot. Mainly because that is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. If you’re looking for sci-fi, look no further than some of the tiny creatures with superpowers, or even not so tiny. Ask yourself a “What would happen if…” question and let your imagination fly!
  2. Television: When looking to TV for inspiration, look at the shows and movies you love. Why do you love them? What are some of the craft elements they do well, and how can this story inform yours? Is there a germ of story in the show that you can use to start your own work?
  3. Books: Of course. Need I say more? The same processes listed above will work for books too.
  4. News: Rip a story from the headlines and make it your own. As with TV and books, a multitude of stories exist in the news that beg to be written into fiction or poetry, or interpereted artistically in any number of ways. Creating works based on current events is a good way to avoid cliche’d plots, and take your ingenuity to a new place.
  5. Go to a weird website: Similar to the above, but here, you should actively try to find something very unusual for you. If you’re someone who is very grounded you might look into classically weird stuff like UFOs or cryptids. If you’re like me and love UFOs and Cryptid stuff, look into something down to earth, but outside your normal interests. Make some lists of things that strike you as interesting. Tuck them away for a little while and then come back to them and use them to generate works.

I hope you’ve found these 5 tips useful, and I hope that you’ll join me back here every week for more creative living tips and inspiration.

Until next time,

Stay safe and be well, my friends.


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