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What’s On My Desk?

Today is a little different, friends.

To start, let me just say that my desk is a little hard to find at the moment. With the thesis revisions, the homestead planning and records, and the tax deadline looming, my desk (and the surrounding office, to be honest) is piled up with books, filing that hasn’t been done since December, assorted blankets, shawls and sweaters, and things that just don’t even belong in a working home office. So today, I am cleaning my office and rearranging things to make it a much more usable space.

With less room for books at the new house, I am down to just two full bookcases and a shelf endtable for my books. I am nearly done with graduate school, so all of the fiction books I read for annotations can go out to storage. Many of the books I keep around for inspiration that have been in storage are coming in, as well as my working writer books (Writers’ Digest, The Art of War for Writers, On Writing Horror, The Norton Book of Nature Writing, etc.) and the weird little things that make my heart happy.

This spring cleaning will see all that filing done, and craft items moved to a less conspicuous location. Video equipment will come out and get set up, and by the time I’m done, I should have a useable office space again. I had planned this to be a vlog post, but as much of my equipment is still tied up in the deep, dark bottom of the closet where the monsters live, I figured a simple blog post would suffice–for now.

This afternoon, I will wade into the realm of fearsome creatures (and dustbunnies) and retrieve my beloved vlogging equipment. I say beloved, but what I really mean is well-intentioned-but-barely-used-because-the-time-management-struggle-is-real vlogging equipment. Things are, as they always do for me, shifting. With commencement comes the job search, as well as picking back up on the writing and getting the homestead up and running.  In a few short months, my life will shift dramatically in many ways.

With all of it, I must stay writing, and this blog will be one way to do that.

With all of it, I must stay creative in other ways, and the vlog will be another creative outlet.

I hope you will stay creatuve too, my friends.

I hope to see you back here soon,

Until next time,

Be well,



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