Time Flies!

So, it got to me this morning that there are never enough hours in a day.  There are never as many days in the year as we think, and there are never enough years, period.  Now, I’m not scheming on literal immortality, but the fact of my own mortality hit me pretty hard this week.  It occurred to me that if I really want to leave a body of work behind me in the world, I would have to get busy and finish more than one book.  Looking ahead twenty years seems like a long time, but looking back on how fast my kids grew up, it looks a lot more snappy.

With autumn, and therefore Halloween approaching so very swiftly, I was inspired to create something inspirational for you.  This image was constructed on a website called Canva.  You can design all kinds of stuff on there, and use it in all sorts of ways.  I will likely be using it for book covers until I can hire a designer.


Time Flies! (1)









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