Several boxes stacked on the floor and the couch.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

A few months ago, Hubby and I bought a piece of land. Two and a half acres on which to build our dream homestead. The house was in really bad shape, but the land was worth the asking price, so we bought it, deciding to build a shop to store our stuff in while we renovated the house.

This won’t be news to those who follow me on Facebook, but it just occurred to me that in all the madness of the moving prep, I have neglected my lovely readers. It has taken us the better part of the month to get the shop built, but it’s finally ready, and we can begin moving in. Of course, it had to rain today.

I think it’s almost over. I think we’re almost done with the waiting, and all of the chaos of having our lives upended will soon be done. There will still be much to think about and do, but I hope to be done with all of this and school by summer 2020. Then, things will even out a lot.

It’s been difficult to keep a routine of any kind since my Dad’s death in February. I have been back and forth on everything from my basic daily habits to my diet, and haven’t been able to get much done in the way of writing beyond my school work. Too much going on in the head and in real life. Today for the first time, I turned in a packet in which I didn’t meet or exceed my target page count. I am beyond disappointed, but sometimes life happens.

That said, I have a couple of announcements I’ve been waiting to make.

In October, I have two speaking engagements. On October 19th, I will be taking part in a panel about MFA programs at the Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers in Tulsa, OK. The panel is at 10 am, but if you can make it, there are so many other great things at this conference, you’ll want to make a day of it. Then on the 25th and 26th of October, I will be doing a set of live readings at the Sapulpa Public Library for their SteamCon event. The Con is spread over 2 days, so if you can’t make Friday, be sure to check us out on Saturday. This year is SteamCon’s second, and we’re hoping it will only grow from here. I will be posting the details on social as soon as the relevant organizations have them available.

While I have you here, I also want to take a minute to say thank you. Thank you for reading the meanderings of my life, and for reading my work, if you do. It is so appreciated, and I am grateful for all of it.

Until next time;

Be well.


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