Book Launch a Success

Book Launch a Success

I suppose it depends on what one calls success.  It’s not like Neil Gaiman came to the little town called Sand Springs for Halloween.  There were not hundreds of books sold.  If that is one’s definition of success, this was not it. This was setting up a table in a lovely shop owned and operated…

Time Flies!

So, it got to me this morning that there are never enough hours in a day.  There are never as many days in the year as we think, and there are never enough years, period.  Now, I’m not scheming on literal immortality, but the fact of my own mortality hit me pretty hard this week….

Sticker Shock

  When you first venture into self-publishing, you know there are going to be costs involved.  Hey, if it was cheap, it would be a whole lot easier to break in, right?  But there are some things that might escape those keen observation skills starting out and sneak up to bite you in the–wallet. (This…