Science Fiction Loses One of Her Own

Leonard Nimoy, our beloved Spock, our host on In “Search Of”, the narrator of The Martian Chronicles died on February 28, 2015 at 83 years of age.  Only now am I able to write those words here on the blog.  There have been a couple of tribute posts on Facebook, but the depth at which this loss touched me has taken me quite by surprise.

I woke up today in a world without Leonard Nimoy, and I can only feel that it is less somehow without him.  There are many ways in which he will always be here, but at the same time, that spark– that creative genius has passed from this world.  His last tweet was as loving and as beautiful as the man himself.  There are so many words and so many wonderful things that can be said about him, and that have been said in one way or another all day now, that any further addition by me would only feel cheap and unworthy of such a man.  To that end I will say only this:  Thank you Mr. Nimoy. Rest well.  We love you.


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