Sam’s Perspective

I was privileged to work yesterday on the set of RSUTV in Claremore.  RSU– that’s Rogers State University– is where I go to school, and it’s a school I’m proud of. I love that they have probably the greatest communications program in the state, and I love their brand new creative writing minor.  Now, Communications isn’t my major, English is, but it is one of two minors that I am taking, and the hands-on approach that they take is nothing short of breathtaking.

This is obvious in the way the communications department fosters actual experience and networking with real local media personnel.For instance, I worked on set with the venerable Sam Jones yesterday.  Folks from Oklahoma’s green country know him as the anchor for many years of KJ RH news.  He has been doing the Perspectives show for RSUTV for a long while now, and he even came to speak to our class. The wisdom he imparted to us then was, as usual for him, both imperative and timely.

I am likely just one of many students to him, but I will never forget those kindnesses and pearls of wisdom.  I have and still do consider him a great man.  Here is a link to just one of his perspectives from the day I got to shake his hand.  Okay, I know, but I am truly, deeply honored. (While I can’t take any credit for filming this bit, it just happens to be from yesterday…) His words near the end here struck such a deep cord in me, as a writer and budding journalist, that I felt I had to share it from Youtube with you guys, so here it is.

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