Reformat, New Site and New Merch!

So, there are some neat things coming up, as we get ready to switch into high gear at Twisted Candle Media.  First off, we have a badass new logo.


To boost the success of the company itself, Twisted Candle Media will be getting its own website soon, and the goodies I have for sale will be listed there.  This site will remain just for the author page and the services I offer.

Here’s some of the goodies we’re gathering up  to go with the books, and soon we hope to offer other people’s stuff as well!  Here is some of the cool stuff you can pick up at our booths this year…IMG_1099IMG_1100

And that’s just the beginning.  Bone SLiver is getting a reformat to increase distribution across platforms, and I plan on increasing our services and stock as well in the coming months and years.  The improvements come with the book sales, so remember to write those reviews, folks!   Look for appearances and booth dates coming up soon!




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