Recommended Reading for Wild Creative Magic

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The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron is so amazing I can’t even describe it. This book helped me develop a regular journal habit, it helped me face some of the creative blocks I didn’t even realize I had. I don’t generally have writers block as it’s often portrayed, but this helped me spot several ways in which I had been less creative than I could have been. The 12 week program outlined here is designed to help people break through the things that dampen the creative spirit.

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert – Confession time… I haven’t read Eat, Pray, Love–yet. But this book by Elizabeth Gilbert is a finger on the pulse of how the creative spirit works. While I may not whole heartedly believe every piece of what she does, there are many paralells with how I felt about it and had not yet learned how to articulate. I’m still learning from this book, and find her insights on the nature of ideas to be both wise and empowering.


The War of Art, by Stephen Pressfield is a book every creator should keep on or very near their desk. This book teaches folks working in creative professions how to overcome the resistance that they face on a daily basis. As a writer, it helped me overcome some of the biggest challenges in my own life, and set me on a path to creating better habits.

These are three of my top picks. I will be adding more posts like these, as well as in-depth looks at things like finding your own personal wild muse, learning to “see” again, and more. Once you catch a wild muse, you must care for it and feed it, so stay tuned. Folks have developed all kinds of habits and rituals to care for their muses. What are some of yours? Also, what books would you recommend to someone looking to feed that creative spark? I’m always looking to expand my collection!

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