Pity Party Pep Talk

The wind is howling today.  It is sill cold, though March is almost half-over.  They might be used to that kind of thing up north, but down here in Oklahoma it’s downright daunting.   You’d think I’d at least be happy with sunshine, but it only makes me wish I could go out and shoot that much more.

The upshot is that I have time to read.  Lots of time to read.  The downside is that my dress size is not going to shrink by itself.  May is coming up fast, and it may be a slacks and blingy- blouse affair if I can’t fit into those nice dresses I bought last year.  One of them I didn’t even get to wear!  But enough whining.  I have a degree to pursue.  I have work to organize for submission.  Someday.

I’ve got the website ship-shape and the blog rolling. (Sort of…)

Now I just have to get those extra few pounds off and I’ll have the world by the tail.

And then I realize that I’m just starting out.  I haven’t even got to an Associates degree, and my only publications are in tiny non-paying special interest and hometown pubs.  But hey, it’s credit, right?

It’s a long, crowded road ahead, and on days like today parts of me want nothing more than to find a nice cozy rock to crawl under.  That, however is not in the cards.  There is a presentation to prepare for, and the entire second half of the semester to get through.

So far, I’ve managed to keep my grades respectable,  and this degree is in the home stretch.  Coming around the corner, I can see the finish line.  Even if it’s the first of many, I have my goal in sight.  Two more semesters and a summer, and I might even be able to pull off a minor as well.

The weather is soon to warm, and the cold will give way to warmth and then to hellish heat.  But it won’t be cold.

There, that’s better.  Thanks for listening.

And thanks for following, liking and sharing!

Until next time– be well!

D.E. Chandler




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