Out With The Old…

Toward tomorrow~


There are a lot of reasons 2016, especially the latter half of 2016 were a challenge for me.  I won’t bore you with details, but I will say that things seem to be looking up for 2017.  Let us hope there are fewer big setbacks this year. In positive news, I have received my birthday present a little early. My blackout edition Blue Yeti microphone, swing arm and pop filter have arrived, as well as a few acoustic panels.  While the mic is as wonderful as my friend Jesse said it would be, the acoustic panels are a bit thin.  I may need to upgrade those for the next order. I also have room now for bookcases. Things are looking up in the study as well as the podcast areas.  I hope to have Dark Lit Digest up and running before the year is out,starting with the podcast.  I am also working on the website for Twisted Candle Media and hope to have it functional before school starts.

I am really hyped about the podcast, and in case you couldn’t tell, am really hyped about 2017 in general.  Ready for the countdown!


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