Oklahoma Women Bloggers and the First Ever Mini Conference

This weekend I got to go and hang out with some pretty amazing ladies and learn some more about blogging at the first ever Oklahoma Women Bloggers Mini-Con.  There was good food, great conversation and so much information it will likely take me weeks to process everything.



These women really know how to do their jobs, and they provided some much needed insight into a lot about professional blogging.

And there was silliness.


There was also some amazing swag donated by Riceland and some of our local crafters.  I can tell you that the Prairie Bloom moisturizer is awesome, and the Vacant Wheel candle smells fantastic!  I also can’t wait to try the cherry habanero jelly from Dining with Debbie, and maybe even get into making some myself this summer on the Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails, ’cause I could seriously make Jelly my Jam.IMG_1143

IMG_1140, conference swag, sponsors
Our sponsors and local artisans are pretty amazing!

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