Okay So…

Things are ever changing in author land. First of all, I am accumulating rejections. Which is good. I don’t want a big head. Also, I now have two blogs, this one, and the one over at Twisted Candle Media to keep up with. Also, there are now 15 hours in this semester’s coursework, and taxes to be reported.

It can be a little overwhelming at times, but when it is I pick up Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and read in it for a while. And hope that eventually, my life will settle down somewhat. Maybe.

I like doing things like going on walks, going to school, going to events like the Underground Monster Carnival next month. So, I guess it’ll be a little quieter without school, but then there will be deadlines and perhaps a job to deal with.

Sigh, whatever brings home the bacon and lets me keep writing, I guess. (insert sad fiddle music here) So glad I have these problems.

Until spring break probably…

Be well,


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