Nimrod Conference and More

Tomorrow I will be attending Nimrod Journal’s annual writers’ conference at TU.  This conference is smaller than some, and offers several concurrent panels and classes.  They also offer one on one critique sessions with an editor.  The most affordable conference I’ve ever heard of, the cost is only $50.00 without a scholarship.  They do have scholarships available, especially for students, and with the scholarship, the cost is only $15.00.  At Fifteen bucks, who can afford not to attend?

With all of the new classwork on my agenda (just started an 8 wk literature class) and Holiday prep, along with trying to get the next novel chapter revised, I had intended to skip it this year.  The fact is, I couldn’t find a good enough excuse.  It’s learning, networking and more for fifteen bucks…its local…and it’s one measly day.  So tomorrow morning  I’m going to force myself out of bed at six, shower and put on actual clothes.  I’ll even fix my hair so I don’t scare people too badly, and then I will pack my larger than reasonable handbag and hit the road with a (also larger than reasonable) coffee in tow.

Once that is over, it’s back to the homework grind.  No NANOWRIMO this November for me.  Instead, if I have any time left after homework, I will be striving mightily to get book one of The Nova Chronicles edited and ready for publication.  With any luck we’ll be seeing D.E. Chandler books on Amazon by this time next year.  I had hoped to have it ready for an October release this year, but that didn’t quite pan out. Here’s to hoping future volumes click along a little faster.

Also FINALLY I’m taking my digital photography class next semester.  I’ve been wanting to take this class since I started school, but one thing or another has always stopped me.  This semester, I have all the prerequisites down, and will make it to this class. (Unless it doesn’t make or they cancel it for some incredibly inconvenient reason.)

So now, it’s on to writing my first Journal article critique for American Lit II.  I’ll be back as soon as humanly possible with pics and a report from the conference.

Hasta luego!

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