Maker’s Monday: Stop-Motion

Word of the day: Resilienc


Color for the day: Pale Yellow


Good morning folks,

Today is going to be spectacular. Why? Because I have an interesting exercise for you to try, just to help get those juices flowing. I call this exercise Stop-Motion, and while I want to think it’s an original idea, somebody somewhere has probably already named it something else. Before I get into the exercise though, I want to take a moment to drop this new format on you and ask you what you think of it.

Do you like the idea of getting a daily dose of inspiration? If so, did this exercise work for you? How could I do it better? I would be honored if you let me in on how you feel about what we’re doing here, and on the YouTube channel. Spring is a busy time, and while I have all sorts of big ideas about how to work in shooting video among all of the other stuff (including blogging and writing my books,) I will try (Gods help me,) to vlog every day in April. This will be a feat I have never attempted before, and may never get the opportunity to do again. So, along with the planting and organizing outside, and finishing up grad-school, I will be ramping things up in the office. For the rest of March I will be making all the preparations for this, and I’m so excited I can barely contain it. With all that is going on in the world, I would like to take the time to create for you. I would love this blog and the YouTube channel to be resources for you, to help you nurture your creative spirit. Now, let’s make some wild creative magic, shall we?

Stop Motion:

You remember when we were young and played a game called red-light? I like to play this game in my head just in everyday life. Whether it’s in a restaraunt, a park, in the garden, or even watching TV. The best part is no one even knows I’m doing it. Well, until now that is. Here’s how it goes:

  • At a random moment you decide you’re going to play stop-motion.
  • Whatever is going on, simply observe.
  • Try to interact as normal if necessary.
  • At a completely arbitrary moment think (kind
  • of like shouting in your head) STOP!
  • If you’re watching something pre-recorded, you can actually press pause.
  • Observe every single detail in that moment.
  • If you can, quickly capture that moment. Pictures are great for this.
  • Now, take that moment completely away from its context.
  • Once you have the moment isolated, try to come up with ways in which this moment could have happened.
  • The only rule is that it can’t be the real reason this moment happened (if you know it.)
  • When that is done, try to imagine what might have happened after it. (Same rule as above.)
  • Bingo, you have a story! Well, at least a scene in a story, depending on whether it’s a short or a longer work.

This exercise works equally well for creators in other formats besides writing. You might paint the scene, filled with all the emotion and meaning you’ve gleaned from your imagining. Or you might make a piece of sculpture capturing the lines or movement, or a piece of jewelry or clothing that uses the colors and captures the essence or mood. Think about all the senses in that moment, smells, sounds, texture, temperature, even flavor.

This is an exercise I use all the time. You might look a little crazy from the outside if there are others present, but then again, they probably won’t even notice anything since almost all of the activity goes on in your brain.

I hope this exercise brings you some inspiration. Do please remember to leave me a comment, and if you really like this one, share it with your creator friends.

Until next time,

Be well.


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