I Survived Summer Camp…

IMG_1949So, camp is over and I am safely back home where the hubby, the cat and the air conditioner live.  It was a bit rocky at first, but the folks there rallied about midway through, and we all somehow did survive.

Was it worth it?  Oh yes.

Will I do it again?  Unsure.

Mostly, I am thinking about how my body can handle it.  Kitchen work in the summer with no A/C is hard on a body.  Three meals a day for an average of a hundred people is hard.  Eight plus hours a day on middle-aged-post-injury feet is hard.  All together, it seems it may just be too much physically.  Also I am hoping to have a different kind of job next summer.   Hopefully one that involves broadcasting in some capacity.

This semester is going to be tremendously full.  That said, I do have a shiny new short story all ready for critique.  This one’s going to the critique group first, and then out into the big wide world to brave the submission process and vie with millions of others for actual money.  Payola.  Maybe.

Is the competition stiff? Heck yeah.

Am I scared? No.  Not my first rodeo.

Let the critiques roll.   Let the rejection letters rain down like confetti.  I have a backup plan for this story and aim to write more (lots more) stories, and improve.   It’s what I must do.

One thing that summer camp taught me is that I am just as valuable (and just as flawed) as anyone else.  Being in close proximity to an entirely different group of people helped me to rewire a few bits of my brain.  Like that part where I don’t toot my own horn…  And the part that doesn’t let me stand up for myself.  Right along with that big annoying section full of oh-my-stars-I-can’t-do-this-don’t-make-me-do-this-this-sucks-and-I-don’t-wanna whiny bad attitude.  I was really shocked it was that big a section of my brain.

My coworkers were for the most part amazing.  There’s always one or two… But the rest were freaking golden.  No crew is without its own flaws and foibles, but they all had hearts as shiny as any brown-coat could ask for.  I love them each and every one, warts and all, because you know what?  They lifted me up when I was low, made me laugh, busted their collective backsides to help out, and took pretty darn good care of each other too.

No, I didn’t survive summer camp because I’m just that badass… I survived because I was part of a badass team.  We took some serious hits, but we just kept coming back. For the kids. THAT’S why they are and always will be the best. That’s where I learned just what it means to really be resilient, and why I will continue to work on improving.  I can’t do it alone.  You are the biggest part of this equation.  YOU are my drive.  You are the reason I keep coming back, so it’s for you that I will continue to work.  I need your input and thoughts to make all of this work, so don’t be afraid to comment below, review my work on Amazon or Goodreads, or just drop an e-mail to tcmedia@hotmail.com .

The newsletter sign up is also available.  There are only four issues a year, (though this year’s Midsummer issue just didn’t happen because– camp…) it’s free access to some of my stuff that hasn’t been seen elsewhere as well as favorites, and I will NEVER share your information with ANYONE, EVER.

Starting in 2017, I intend to add links to hidden audio and video as well.  Things that might go into my professional media portfolio.  If you like the works on the site, give the newsletter a try.  Interesting things are brewing for Samhain…

Until next time,

Be well,




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