Graduation and Vacation 2018

2018 graduation cap in black, with a red tassel and gold 2018 charm.
RSU 2018 Commencement has Commenced! This summer is going to be amazing!
Well, folks, I made it. The final grades are in, and it seems like there was no error after all. I have officially earned my Baccalaureate degree in English. Now on to the MFA!

On Sunday Hubby and I will leave on our first vacation in eight years. I know it’s eight years because our last vacation was our honeymoon in 2010. We’re going to Colorado, so he can give me a proper introduction to his favorite mountains. I am so excited, sometimes it’s hard to breathe. The air isn’t even thin here. I have no idea what it’s going to be like in the mountains. I can’t stop saying “in the mountains.” See, I’ve seen some pretty big hills, and I’ve been in the Superstitions, but Hubby is pretty sure those aren’t real mountains.

Yesterday we packed, and today we did housework to get everything ship-shape for Dad before we head out. Thursday will be the last-minute shopping, Friday is lawn day, Saturday I do some wedding photography for a dear friend, and then Sunday morning early we’re off and running. Well, driving. It’s a road trip.

Of course, none of this happened in a vacuum. I didn’t just achieve this on my own. There were many great teachers and professors along the way, each doing more than their fair share to open students up to becoming more. I hope I can make them proud. Then there was the world-class support of my Hubby and Dad. I hope I can be all they hope for me. They deserve every good thing. They have been my foundation and my inspiration. They have lifted me when I was low. There’s no way I could have done it without them.

I am hoping to get back and start right in on Weathered and Nova Wave in June. Perhaps I will find even more inspiration in the Rocky Mountains. It’s going to be wonderful to just be for a while.  I will be back soon, with stories to share and hopefully some great photos too.

Be well


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