Fit Writer: Rainy Day Motivation

It can be hard to be motivated when the weather is nasty.  It’s true for spring just as much as winter.  So how can we stay motivated on those days when we really would rather nap all day? Seeing as this weekend is forecast to be less than spectacular here in Northeast Oklahoma, I thought I’d put together some tips to help us all stay motivated.

  • If you don’t feel like going out, stay in and have a yoga day.  It may not be a full-fledged workout, but it’s perfect for a recovery day and will keep you limbered up.  Plus you won’t lose motivation, thinking you’ve already messed up.  Bonus: do some of the more challenging moves to boost your workout.  Warrior, Plank and Chair pose are all proven burners.
  • Fight the rainy day blahs with lights and upbeat music.  Start with the lighter stuff and move into harder driving music as you get warmed up.  Turn on the big overhead lights if you’re at home.  Sure, it’s a little more electricity, but if it helps keep you from skipping, it’s worth the extra pennies.
  • Promise yourself a fluffy sweater day AFTER you meet your workout goal.  Once you’ve done your workout, take some time to pamper yourself.  There could even be chocolate involved.
  • If you need to, and you’ve worked hard the rest of the week, go ahead and take the whole day to recover. Only do this if you can do it without guilt.  Treat yourself to a spa day at home, and make relaxation the point of the day.  Make rainy days fun days, and they’ll become up days, instead of down days.

The real trick to conquering rainy day blahs is figuring out what it is about them that makes you feel less than energetic.  Some of us have conditions that seem worse when the weather changes.  If you can listen to your body, and your inner voice, it won’t take long for you to conquer anything that’s holding you back.  Even rainy days.

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