Finals are OVER!

For better or worse, this semester’s finals week is over and done.  Now I can focus on other important stuff like family and working on the second book.


This semester’s been a rough one with so much going on in my world outside of school.  Here’s hoping that 2017 brings with it a change-wind that moves life in a more productive direction.  Not that I’ve been unproductive, but things have felt a little start-stop.

There is so much in the works right now, dear reader. This site is under revision, and I am preparing to create the Twisted Candle Media website and possibly a podcast to go along with it. While I do those things, I must complete Nova Wave, finish school, build the writing career, and find a place for Tom and I to settle besides our beloved lake. He loves it here, but it is getting time for him to look to real retirement, so he can actually fish.

The next few years promise to be eventful, to say the least. Bear with me dear reader, as I roll with the punches. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

Stay spooky my friends.


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