Everything Changes

Three white lilies tinged with pink, backlit by morning sun.

Well, 2019 is a year of change for me, apparently. Every year has been so far. This February my lovely Dad died, leaving Tom and I in the interesting position of seeking a new place to live. I mean, we’re okay. We will be able to move soon, and without too much financial disruption. It will mean a lot of jostling and packing and cleaning though, and anyone who’s moved recently knows how everything seems to stall and then happen all at once.

Right now we are in the stall part. We’re getting Dad’s house ready for the market and looking for our own little slice of paradise. We’d like to find a few acres to call home in the area, and create something of a food forest. I still have two semesters to go in college, and then I can get to work full time and make our outlook a little better still. What that means is that I will have a day job. I am hoping to either teach or to be a librarian. Neither pay fantastic sums, especially here in Oklahoma, but they will do.

Get the student loans paid off and whatever mortgage… you get the idea.

This site isn’t the main place to find news like this, but I did want to pop on here and let folks know that I haven’t stopped. Merely shifted gears, once again, as life throws out its inevitable barrels to leap. There are a lot of things that will need done, and I hope to be back on here soon, perhaps with a whole new flavor.

Until next time:

Be well!


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