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Bone Sliver: Available on Amazon!


(Book 1 of The Nova Wave, Urban Fantasy Series)

Maxwell Edison, agent of The Office of Human Protection, is given an assignment.  Sent to Tulsa Oklahoma, he’s staking out a spreading rash of anomalous activity unprecedented in the world so far.  With agents and civilians dying all around him, it’s up to him to find a way to stop the oncoming paranormal cataclysm that has been engineered by a mysterious shadow organization.

In the face of unstoppable magic, can he hold on to his humanity?

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The Nova Wave: Book 2 of the series.

Available on Amazon! Here’s the link.

Cover for Nova Wave, the sequel to Bone Sliver

The Office of Human Protection has come to
small-town Oklahoma, but the situation is
anything but stable.

When agents go missing, Maxwell Edison must
investigate. When Max goes missing and a coup
is staged from within, everything depends on a
woman waking up in a changed world. A woman
who has suffered a grievous injury, A woman with
no training.

Can she possibly save him?

 Sacrifice: Book 3 of the Nova Wave Series (Drafting stage)
The Fae (Drafting Stage)
The Widow Woods (Drafting Stage)
The Crescent and the Crow (Drafting Stage)
The Curse of The Gold-Laced Corset (Outlining and Drafting Stage)



Available on Amazon!

Here’s the link.

 A shift in the wind. A change in the air.

Weather has the power to affect everything around and inside us.

What will the next season bring?

Will the wind of change bring joy—sadness—or something darker?

The pages of this book contain poems and tales that will leave even the most stalwart souls—


HANG TIGHT… Things are shifting!

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