Blog Restructure and Other News


It’s that time of year again.  Autumn brings with it a flurry of fresh ideas and fresh challenges, and is always a time for reflection on what has been working well for us in the past year, and what we can change moving forward to make the next year more productive, more fulfilling, more fruitful.

Once again, I am working on a restructure for the website, to bring it more into alignment with my goals for the coming year.  While I don’t want to completely unseat everything, I do want to set some goals for the upcoming months.

Goal 1: Give it a fresh, professional look.  I like the color scheme I’ve been using, but I may give it something of an update, bringing my skillset to the fore, highlighting my digital portfolio, and giving Twisted Candle Media its own space to grow.

Goal 2: Create a weekly blog post goal. In order to train myself for meeting deadlines, I will set a weekly post goal and work toward a more consistent flow of content.

Goal 3: Make it less about me and more about the world around me.  The people I meet, the changing seasons, the nature and people that make Oklahoma an amazing place to live.  Not to just be one more cheerleader for Oklahoma, but to look at my surroundings with a depth that may have proved elusive thus far. The subjects may vary from week to week, but the focus will stay local.

In other news, one crazy semester is over and another is beginning.  This time with an even heavier writing load, as I will be taking the 15 hours I set out to take this semester, with two of the classes as creative writing classes and two online classes, with the final class being a communications class in writing.

If I can make it through this semester and take at least one class this summer, I will still be on track to graduate in the spring of 2017. After speaking with the career counselor Calli, I have decided to start applying locally to publishing houses for a summer internship. This is an exciting turn, considering the time it will take to get established in the field.

So don’t give up, dear reader, it’s only going to get better from here!


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