Beltane Issue Set to Roll Out

The Beltane issue of Twisted Candle Newsletter is set to roll out on April 15, 2015!  This is only our second issue so if you want to get in on this free content and progress report, go to the home page and sign up now!  If you’re the kind of person who likes listening to the band warm up, then you’ll dig this.

Most of it is new poems and short stories that no one has really seen yet, along with some of the photography that hasn’t been released yet.  They won’t be put on the website here, but may appear in an anthology or chapbook somewhere down the road.  The point is, you will be the first ones in the whole world to see it. because you are important.  Stories must have both of us to live.  They only exist in the space between your mind and mine.  Just as the band plays fro those who listen, so the writer writes for those who read.  That’s you. Never forget how important you are.

Hope to see you on Newsletter day!


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