If you’ve never tried henbit, this is the month to start.  March is the beginning of Henbit season this year in Oklahoma and the crop is looking lovely this year.  Dead Nettles will be following soon after, and make just as lovely a potherb.

Though they look similar if you only consider the flowers, dead nettle has a distinctly different leaf pattern than henbit.  Dead nettle has pointed leaves that come away from the squared stems, and henbit has scalloped leaves that clasp the stem all the way around.

I have also spotted the wild onions making a break for the spring growth cycle.  The pot that I put my bulblets in last year is full of brand new plants.

Early Buds 2To make life even better this spring, the trees have decided to put on an early show for us.  While some of the ones in town are in full bloom already, these were just swelling.  Getting ready for Oklahoma’s grandest show.  I can’t wait for the show!

If you’re ready for wildcrafting recipes and gifts from these golden woods, stick around.  Next Month starts off wildcrafting in full swing.  I’ll be joining Oklahoma heritage wildcrafter Jackie Dill to learn even more about the wild foods and medicinals that will soon be filling the fields and woods with a bounty most will simply overlook.

I’ll look forward to seeing you then!

Yours ever~