There’s no need to go out and buy chemical-laden air freshener sprays when you probably have what you need already…


Okay, so you bought those beautiful whole spices three years ago and they’re still taking up space in your spice pantry. You thought fresh ground cinnamon sounded perfect, and you weren’t wrong, but the pre-ground is so much less hassle that you never use it. Still, it was so expensive you can’t throw it out in good conscience. Maybe it’s been there so long you’re not sure it even still tastes good.

Maybe you also got a big fruit basket at the office Christmas party and you had already bought enough for a fruit bowl of your own. Or, maybe there’s that orange, lemon or apple at the bottom of the fridge drawer that you forgot was there, and now it’s looking a bit dried out? ┬áDon’t throw it away!


Put that fruit (or the peels and cores from the fruit basket anyway,) into a pot with those old spices and cover with water. Simmer on low for a few minutes and voila! Your entire house smells like Christmas–or at the very least some great mulled cider.

Pro tip: add just a splash of vanilla or peppermint extract.

Holiday scents done well.