About Joe Hill

(This article is a reprint from my July Blog.)

Joe Hill’s story in the most recent issue of Writer’s Digest is the most inspiring thing I’ve read in a little while.  It’s the story of how a great writer got in on his own, under a false name.  Now, it’s not really a new story, but it’s one that proves it’s still do-able.  If you have a great story, and you go the traditional takes-months-and-a-ton-of-rejections to get in route, you can eventually get there.  Having just rounded fifteen thousand words on my first novel, I can appreciate what Joe Hill has set out to prove.

Everything in the publishing world seems to be in topsy-turvy land right now, and which way is up seems to change every week.  This can scare a new writer so badly, it could discourage them completely.  Enter Joseph King.  His mission: prove to himself and the world that he can write well enough to get published the old-fashioned way.  The outcome: Success.  It took a while, and as probably every writer who did it that way can probably sympathize with, he nearly gave up.  And then the impossible happened… his pseudonym Joe Hill got published!

The rest as they say… well, it’s still being written, isn’t it?

So anyone who’s suffering from the fear of the unknown that goes along with all of the crazy changes in the publishing world right now…FEAR NOT… for Joe Hill has paved the way.