All About Beginnings

Let it be known far and wide that this is NOT a New Year’s resolution.  My only resolution this year was to not make any resolutions.  If that hasn’t created a paradox, nothing will.  That said, I do want to set forth with some intention, and not wander around aimlessly through the year ahead accomplishing nothing.
To that end, I’ll set some goals for the year that I hope are not too lofty, such as:
  • Graduating TCC with a 3.5 GPA
  • Finishing and sending out at least one novel (still deciding whether to self-pub from the start)
  • Finishing and sending out at least one short story and three poems
  • Make some decisions regarding freelance work and school commitment
  • Try to work/save enough to pay for self-pub of the first anthology and/or chapbook
  • Work toward a more active, cleaner lifestyle.
  • Produce a bad-to-the-bone newsletter every quarter of 2015 with special content that will not be posted elsewhere.
See?  Nothing too grandiose, right?  Besides, I’ll have a whole summer to work on that book and the freelancing.  Not that summer flies by or anything…
One last goal before I leave it.  I want to try to be more active in my local writing community and on the blog here.  To that end, I’ll try for no less than one post a month here, and hopefully more by participating with Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  They’re an amazing group of ladies, and I am proud to say I know a few of them.  Here’s hoping I can do them proud