While You Were Out

“There was a call while you were out.  I think it was from your mother-in-law,”  Shelly told him as he entered the office at his usual, hurried pace.

“Did you tell her I was at lunch, Ms. Kimball?”

“Yes Mr. Dawson, but-”

He loosened the knot in his tie, “Did you tell her I was not to be disturbed?”

“Yes, sir, but – ”

His piercing eyes bored into hers when he turned to face her, “What exactly did she say?”

“Well, sir, she daid your wife was dead.”

“Really?”  he flipped his suit jacket open to plant an accusing fist on his hip,  “What did she say happened?”

“Well, sir she used a lot of foul language.”

“As is usual,” the older man rolled the words out blithely, “And what was the general messsage she meant to convey?”

“Well, Jack,”   The young lady started, but was having a very hard time spitting it out,  “She said that you were a bastard, and she never thought you’d go through with it.”

He took a step forward to stand just a bit uncomfortably close,  “And then,”  he said, “Shelly, what did you say to her?”

“W-well sir,” she stammmered, “I told her she must be mistaken, because you’d been in Cancun on business.”

He lifted her chin and kissed her very gently.  “Good,”  he said,  “You know how to reach me, of course.”

“Of course.”

“Then I shall see you on the beaches!”

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