D.E. Chandler lives and writes in Sapulpa Oklahoma.  Her debut novel Bone Sliver launched in October 2015, and the sequel, Nova Wave was released in 2018, along with her collection of short works and poems, titled Weathered. She has a BA in English, and an MFA in Creative Writing that she earned at Oklahoma City’s Red Earth MFA program. She is a member of the Prosateurs writing group, a chapter of OWFI (Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc.) These experiences are helping her in pursuit of her goal to create compelling stories and images and to put them to work for her readers and clients.  


  •  Her fiction is mostly dark speculative fiction, ranging from Horror to Dark Fantasy. Her poetry tends to be dark or comical, and sometimes both.
  • Her poem “Carroll After Dark” Won first place in the Tulsa Review Spring Contest in 2015. 
  • Her short story “Her Last Question” and her poem “Corvus” both appear in Blackbird’s Third Flight, published in October 2016.
  • Her poem, “Autumn Sonnet” appears in Prosateurs: Tales and Truth, published in June 2018.
  • She served as an editor for the Red Earth Review for the 2019 issue.
  • In 2020, she received her MFA in Creative Writing through the Red Earth MFA program and began offering her services as a freelance editor and creative consultant
  • The Horror Short, “The Livelash Challenge” Appears in the autumn 2021 edition of Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror, and in October she became a member of the Horror Writers Association. 

Her photographs and articles have appeared in local publications, including Yule Tidings, The Green Country Guardian e-zine, The Sapulpa Herald, and Sapulpa News and Views.

 Here’s a link to D.E. Chandler’s Amazon Author Page.

Interests aside from writing:


Art, Crafting, Jewelry design

Photography, Audio/Video Production

All things in Nature, both light and dark

Reading (Many genres, including Literature, Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, and Nonfiction, including Green Living, Wildlife, Outdoor and Writing Trade Publications)

TV and Movies in similar speculative genres

Exploring the Unusual and the Unexplained


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