Welcome to the homestead…

My world has undergone some changes. Some of these have been heartrending, and some of them have been miraculous. We have moved from the house in town onto a 2 1/2 acre plot just outside of town. We’ve wanted this for a while now, and are too excited to convey with just words on the screen, and we are SUPER busy now. We’re building this place into a homestead. I’m sure lots of homesteads have writers on them, or maybe lots of writers live on homesteads, but we’ve cristened ours Cat Tale Acres. When I first started this website years ago, I didn’t have the first clue what it needed to be, and it has evolved a lot. Like me, it simply wasn’t sure what it wanted to be.


Things are much clearer now.

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I will still be blogging here some, but much of that work will be transferred to Goodreads, the newsletter, and the YouTube Channel. Don’t worry, I will absolutely share those videos here. I am building out two channels. One is Cat Tale Acres, and the other is Chasing the Muses. You’ll be able to find those links on the links page soon. The writer’s journey and the homesteader’s journey are so similar. For me, they are inseparable. I feel drawn to write about nature, our connection to it, and the magic inherent in both of those things that fuels my creativity. I want to share that wild magic with others, and to help them nurture their own wild creativity. Creativity is essential in every human pursuit, and I would love to share that with you.

This site is still very much a work in progress..