33,000 Words and Counting!

Well I’m sitting right at 30,000 words on my first novel length work. It’s probably about as far to the end as it is from the beginning, and I’m still both ecstatic and terrified. I get stuck sometimes, but then I live my life for a few days and go back at it. I suppose that’s built in to keep me from going completely off the rails.

Once the thing is actually finished, of course there will be endless edits and probably a major rewrite or two or ten. But it will all be down. Then I can start on something else. I’m determined to see this one through before I do much else though, in case I try to talk myself out of it.

Even if it never sees the light of day, I will pound the entire thing out and get it somewhat polished. For now though, groceries nee put up and laundry needs hanging.

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