Bone Sliver Back Matter Idea

So I’m thinking that since Bone Sliver is written in first person, the back matter should be too.  Let me know what you think!  Hit me up on Facebook or by email!


D.E. Chandler


So, I’m the guy who failed.  I failed to save the world, and it’s officially gone to shit.  There are so few normal humans left that we’re in danger of going extinct, and it’s all my fault.  I did manage to save one woman though.  In all this shit.  One person.  She’s in a coma.  I have to figure out how to be human.  Especially now that nobody’s sure of what that means anymore. This is my story.  This is how the world as you know it ended.  Use this information wisely as I think the shadow council is active but undetected in your time.  For fuck’s sake, don’t let them win this time.

Agent Maxwell Edison, Office of Human Defense.

New Semester and Chapter 9

School will be starting Monday for me, but if my grades hold, I will graduate with my Associate’s degree this year.  Starting Fall 2015, I plan to be pursuing my Bachelor’s.  Still looking at transfer college options, but OSU and NSU are likely candidates.  Not sure what I’ll do after that, but I plan to go for it all the way at least to an MFA.  Not just because I want the degree, but because I want to bring readers a quality read.

In short, I want my readers to have a good time, whether it’s one of my short-shorts or a novel, I want it to be as good as it can be.  (If it still sucks, my deepest apologies.)

This weekend, in the midst of getting everything as ready for school as possible, I will also be doing the re-write for chapter 9 of Bone Sliver.  Lead Character Max has gotten himself into a hell of a pickle, and I’ve got to figure out how (and if) he gets out without divine intervention.  Not to give it all away, but things are really not rosy for our Max right now, and they may never be again.

Intrigued?  I hope so.  Also, I’ll be looking for Beta Readers again soon, so stay tuned, and let me know if you are interested in being a Beta Reader.  The only requirement is that you can give an honest opinion about what you liked, didn’t like, and what might be improved upon.  Be kind, though.  Tough, real, but not hateful, please.

If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail at and let me know.

Thanks so much for checking out the work, and being patient as I work toward creating better and better stories for readers like you!

D.E. Chandler

New Page and Story

Heya all!

I have just posted a new short story.  “Hand of Justice” is now listed in the brand new page Flash Fiction here at ! Give it a look!  If you like it and would like to get all the latest updates on the site, my life, and writing, along with never-seen-anywhere else works, sign up for the newsletter.  Set to commence in October this year, it will be a quarterly affair, so as not to take up too much space in your inbox.


A Word From the Feline Overlord


And that was exactly the look she gave me as kitty took over my map as I was world-building a while back.  As I was working on an urban fantasy, I was using an actual world map, which kitty decided was a great place for her to flop.  After a few attempts to dissuade her, I finally gave up and let her take over the world.  She vowed to rule through benign-ish neglect.  As long as we leave her alone, she won’t flay flesh from anyone’s bones.


Pity Party Pep Talk

The wind is howling today.  It is sill cold, though March is almost half-over.  They might be used to that kind of thing up north, but down here in Oklahoma it’s downright daunting.   You’d think I’d at least be happy with sunshine, but it only makes me wish I could go out and shoot that much more.

The upshot is that I have time to read.  Lots of time to read.  The downside is that my dress size is not going to shrink by itself.  May is coming up fast, and it may be a slacks and blingy- blouse affair if I can’t fit into those nice dresses I bought last year.  One of them I didn’t even get to wear!  But enough whining.  I have a degree to pursue.  I have work to organize for submission.  Someday.

I’ve got the website ship-shape and the blog rolling. (Sort of…)

Now I just have to get those extra few pounds off and I’ll have the world by the tail.

And then I realize that I’m just starting out.  I haven’t even got to an Associates degree, and my only publications are in tiny non-paying special interest and hometown pubs.  But hey, it’s credit, right?

It’s a long, crowded road ahead, and on days like today parts of me want nothing more than to find a nice cozy rock to crawl under.  That, however is not in the cards.  There is a presentation to prepare for, and the entire second half of the semester to get through.

So far, I’ve managed to keep my grades respectable,  and this degree is in the home stretch.  Coming around the corner, I can see the finish line.  Even if it’s the first of many, I have my goal in sight.  Two more semesters and a summer, and I might even be able to pull off a minor as well.

The weather is soon to warm, and the cold will give way to warmth and then to hellish heat.  But it won’t be cold.

There, that’s better.  Thanks for listening.

And thanks for following, liking and sharing!

Until next time– be well!

D.E. Chandler





Okay, I’m probably not the only one in the area, but I am getting really hyped about spring.  I know what the groundhog said, but February is when the garden thinking starts in earnest around my house.

We have tons of seed we saved from last year, and I’m looking forward to a cool season garden come March.  That said, hubby and I are still debating what, if anything we’ll be able to plant and keep up with this summer.  I’ll have school and he’s got work.  Then there’s the writing, cooking, housework, exercise (though I must believe that gardening and housework count as exercise), and errands to do.

Gardening takes lots of care and time, and even though we did pretty good last year, our garden still didn’t get all the attention it needed, and I had last summer off from school.  We’ll see.  I have to plant something, I think, or I’ll go stir crazy.

As for our membership last year in our local CSA farm, it was awesome!  I still have jars of tomatoes that will take us well into tomato season this year.  We’ve also still got tons of apple jelly and pickles left to carry us through.

So the wind is blowing, there’s still white stuff in the forecast, but spring is so close I can taste it,  and I can’t wait to get out there and catch the world coming to life.  There’s nothing like springtime in Oklahoma’s Green Country.


OWFI Contest Deadlines, Novel Progress and More

It’s a week into January, and I’ve started revisions on my first novel-length work, Bone Sliver.  I’m nearly done with chapter two (fixing plot holes, slowing the pace, deepening characters, developing side-stories, etc) and will be starting chapter three by day’s end with any luck.  The last couple of months have been a whirlwind, and I suspect that it’s only going to get busier as I gear up for Spring Semester at school.

With the deadline for the OWFI (Oklahoma Writers’ Federation) contest looming (February 1), I am racing the clock to get the manuscript ready.  OWFI is a group of writers’ groups and independent writers from all over the Oklahoma area.  By that I mean, we have people from all over come to conference, enter the contest and receive The Report on a regular basis.  Part of their motto is, “Supporting writers and the craft of writing in Oklahoma, The United States and around the world.”  If you or someone you know might be interested you can check out the OWFI website for more information.  I went to my first big conference last year, and it was amazing!

This semester at school holds two Literature courses (English Lit 1 and American Lit 1), Humanities and Nutrition.  The Nutrition course will help me in developing the healthy clean-food recipes for my upcoming cookbook.  I think I even have the title pinned down.  

Does all this leave a lot of time for social media?  No,  but a moment can be found here and there to let folks know I haven’t been abducted by aliens (at least not long term…).  It also doesn’t leave a lot of time for socializing, but I will make some time for family and friends when I can.  There will also be an ongoing Doctor Who marathon this weekend as my incredibly supportive hubby said I could have seasons 1 and 2 for my birthday!  But I can’t write and geek out on British sci-fi at the same time, so it must be relegated to breakfast and lunch breaks.

Between the classes, blog, novel, starting the spring garden and getting back in the gym; making time to do photo shoots or play in the paints is probably going to be scarce too.  At least for now.

Apparently 2014 is going to be another breathless year.  Hang onto your hats!

Be well,

D.E. Chandler

Working on the Website

I’ve been working on the website, all the livelong night…..

Okay, hopefully I’m not the only one who sang it.  Anyhoot, this is basically a test post to see if my Facebook app on my website, is working, and what will happen to the post once it’s published.  It’s supposed to post whatever I put on my website blog (here) on Facebook (there).

Well, here goes!

Weathering the Storms

Believe it or not, Oklahoma does have the occasional snow.  Most times, (like right now) we have ice storms.  Oklahoma is an incredible place, and I’ve heard it called everything from the bi-polar state (never know whether it’s going to be good or bad, but if you don’t like it, just wait a minute, it’ll change) to just plain miserable (tornadoes, ice-storms, droughts and now earthquakes).   For me and a few other folks though, this magical intersection of all of the nation’s weirdness and wonder is home and none could be better.  I love Oklahoma for its amazing diversity of– well, everything.

We’ve got hills, plains, salt flats, lakes, rivers, Conifer forest, deciduous forest– well, you get the picture.  Of course there are lifeforms to fill all of these habitats.  Oh, there are places I’d like to see, but home will always be here.

So I’ll weather the ice storms, the tornadoes and the (teensy) earthquakes.  It keeps you on your toes.  Where I grew up in the country, we learned about preparedness long before it was a buzzword.  We called it common sense.  More likely than not, if one lives here long enough, they’ll get to use those fancy survival skills they learned on all those websites, and find out if they work or not, or if they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

My husband Tom and I just keep a little by (some food, appropriate clothing, a little water) for hard times, keep as fit as possible, (ahem)–

And we learn and practice basic skills.  Tom and I consider ourselves still learning when it comes to self sufficiency.  We work a garden just about every year with varying success, I learn more every day about wildcrafting and making clean food choices.  suffice it to say, Oklahoma’s diversity can be much more than a challenge.It is also extremely rich and rewarding.  I recently got to visit one of our state treasures, the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, run by The Nature Conservancy.  We seriously need to work on promoting more places like this here.

Back on topic, however, there are really only a few things one needs to ride out an Oklahoma Ice storm well, The main thing is a source of heat that does not depend on electricity.   After that, a source of water that won’t freeze or stored water, appropriate clothing, some form of lighting that doesn’t require electricity, and the rest is all just wine and cheese.

Worried about the food in your fridge?  Box up what you can and take it out to the car, the garage, the shed, or any other unheated location.  It’ll be fine.  It might be frozen, but it can be defrosted by that source of non-electric heat.

Kids bored? Well, teenagers might be hard to please, but we always made it family board game time.  Usually with some form of baked treats and hot chocolate.  If nothing else keep a deck of cards and a game of Yahtzee or dominoes.  If it sounds basic, it is but these are some of my fondest memories with my folks.  The main goal is to keep things fun and light.

Add a sense of mystery or adventure by setting back a couple of great reads.  Then, take turns reading chapters, or just read to the kids.  It really is a lot more fun than you’d think, especially with a swashbuckling tale or a creepy one.

Of course there are a few great modern tips to keep in mind, like fully charged cell phones, laptops, weather radios and more.  My favorite so far is the Cobra Marine radio.  We bought a pair for our business, but they’ve been a real comfort and they are waterproof and have a built in flotation device (for the radio, not people), and best of all they really work.  I’ve had problems in the past with supposed weather radios that lost signal or failed to find one in the first place.  These work spot on every time.

A lot of folks (and I was one of them at first) feel the need to store up mass quantities of everything for something that might happen in the future.  I (and again many others) still feel that there is an imminent event in the future that will call for all the preparedness skills we can learn.  Now, I just place priority on the skills.  The rewards will come with helping each other to make it through.

In the eighties we were taught that any catastrophic disaster (then nukes) would set everyone against one another, and violence would be the only way to survive.  I no longer adhere to this belief, preferring to believe that sharing protection and knowledge, building on skills and bartering will win the day.

For now, thankfully, we just have to weather the storms.  Hold one another and be safe, everyone!


33,000 Words and Counting!

Well I’m sitting right at 30,000 words on my first novel length work. It’s probably about as far to the end as it is from the beginning, and I’m still both ecstatic and terrified. I get stuck sometimes, but then I live my life for a few days and go back at it. I suppose that’s built in to keep me from going completely off the rails.

Once the thing is actually finished, of course there will be endless edits and probably a major rewrite or two or ten. But it will all be down. Then I can start on something else. I’m determined to see this one through before I do much else though, in case I try to talk myself out of it.

Even if it never sees the light of day, I will pound the entire thing out and get it somewhat polished. For now though, groceries nee put up and laundry needs hanging.