Book Signing and End of Semester

So… this upcoming Saturday, November 28, 2015 I have a book signing at Needful Things Market in Owasso, OK.  Come on out and see me, and get a copy of the book signed.  I’d love to see you there!

Also the end of the semester is screaming right along.  Week after Thanksgiving is finals week.  I don’t want to say I’m stressing, but I am feeling the pressure a bit.  These classes are a little more challenging than the ones at TCC.  Also these classes were all online, where communication is sometimes an issue all on its own.

I am looking forward to next semester when I take fully half of my classes on campus.  I am also looking forward to Christmas break when I will do my own version of NANOWRIMO.  It will be a month late, but it will help me get the second book in The Nova Wave series done and ready to go out to you!

Lots of happy stuff in the works.

Stay tuned, and be well!


Ah Paris…

Je suis Paris!
My heart is broken for Paris. Love, comfort, and strength to the people of France, and all of those visiting last night and their families.

Friday the 13th

Santana and I would very much like to wish you a happy Friday the 13th!  We are still working on getting the website changed up, and we hope you are liking the changes so far!  Thanks for sticking with us, and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as we get the comments reinstated.  

Be well! ~D.


Book Launch a Success

Book Launch Halloween 2015 by Angela Van Winkle

I suppose it depends on what one calls success.  It’s not like Neil Gaiman came to the little town called Sand Springs for Halloween.  There were not hundreds of books sold.  If that is one’s definition of success, this was not it.

This was setting up a table in a lovely shop owned and operated by dear friends, and having a day-long parade of friends and family show up and shower me with affection.  That, my lovelies is my definition of success.  It may sound like stardom, and I have to admit they made me feel amazing.  To put it in perspective I am pretty much a complete unknown.  I am a small-town girl, and my newsletter e-mail list (until saturday) consisted of 4 people, of whom I was one. I don’t say this to garner sympathy, but to highlight the surprise and gratitude I felt at the idea of selling a book before I ever got there, and then selling twenty-two through the course of the afternoon.  Most of the sales were to people who had been watching my progress on Facebook, friends and family, but a few were new to me.

Still it wasn’t the sales that floored me.  It was that each of these people, many of whom I didn’t expect, took a few moments to come and see ME.  ME?! The level of amazement had me in happy tears off and on for the next three days.  It still gets me.  If you went to the Book launch and you are reading this blog post, know that you are one of the most precious people on the planet, and you have my eternal gratitude.  I love you.

If you didn’t get to come but wanted to, You also have my gratitude, and I love you too.  You are just as precious because you feel it.  Thank you.

Of course I over prepared as usual, but it went better than I could have dreamed.  To everyone at Earth and Soul and everyone who made the day amazing, Thank you.  You make it all worthwhile.


August Newsletter and the Next Degree

Ammonite fossil
Ammonite fossil

The end of the month brings with it the end of summer for me.  This next couple of weeks are all about the August Newsletter and cleaning house and organizing to prepare for the start of school this year.  This year I ambark on the next leg of my educational journey.  This year I start on the Bachelor’s degree.  This is also the year of my debut novel’s release.  The novel is in post-production now, and will be ready for release by Halloween 2015.  I have been working hard on everything, but right now it’s all about prepping for the next leg and following through on commitments.

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, you can do so here: 

. It’s free and only arrives quarterly with looks at some of my yet-to-be-released work and photography, and news about what’s coming up with the writing and school and local events.  If you have questions, or just don’t like the web form, you can email and I’ll sign you up.  I will never give away or sell your info, and I won’t fill up your inbox with annoying spam.

So then, it’s on to the housework for me!  See you in August!


So… I made some mistakes…

I got the first proof copy of my book a couple of weeks ago, and there were more than a few formatting errors, even though Createspace said everything was fine.  It turns out that unless you have the formatting in mind when you create the document, there are going to have to be some adjustments made even after the document is uploaded and looks fine on the online proofer.

This is actually working out to my advantage though, as it has given me time to do another search for the title and subtitle, and I found that more than one series was using the series subtitle I had settled on, and one of those is also an urban fantasy.  No worries, I have a backup.  It’s not as cool, but that’s what happens when you take your time sometimes.  It’s still a first novel, and I’m sure there are lots of goofs I am too close to see. (I’ll be adding a photo of the new cover to the book page for Bone Sliver shortly.)

With any luck, my beta readers will all be getting back to me soon with their thoughts.  I want to give them plenty of time and not be a pest.  Of course the waiting is killing me.  Patience is not my strong suit.

It’s a weird place to be.  Finished, and somehow not quite ready yet.

In the meantime I’m getting ready for the August Newsletter! If you’d like to get in on some brand new, never before seen content, Photographs and more.  Sign up today, and you’ll be one of the first to receive my free quarterly. I’ll never send your e-mail addy to anyone else, and I won’t bug you with a bunch of spam.  I hope you’ll join us, it’s going to be a twisted journey!

*~*~*~ D.E.~*~*~*

Summer 2015 and Publication Prep

So graduation is over, and I’ve made it through my first intercession at RSU in Claremore.  It was a great class, and I do still have the research paper to do, but it isn’t due until July, and in the interim I am volunteering with the local nature center and trying to finish the re-write on the novel an getting everything lined out for this fall.

Hardly a summer vacation?  Well, yes and no.  It’s work, but it’s work I love, so it’s more like play. Some of the things on the roster:

  • Make final decision on imprint name (Twisted Candle Media vs. Twisted Candle Press)
  • Finalize the manuscript
  • Register the Imprint
  • Contract Cover Art
  • Open Bank Account
  • Set up PO Box
  • Purchase ISBNs from Bowker
  • Register the copyright


While I am working on that stuff, I plan on doing a couple of journeys for The Green Country Guardian, getting out the Midsummer edition of the newsletter and cleaning up and organizing my poor neglected little house.  Sound like a lot?  Maybe, but I’m going to love every minute of it.  I can’t wait to share the world in my head with the world at large, and see what you all make of Max and the other imaginary folks who have taken up so much of my life.


Entertainment Value: or, There’s This Thing I Won…

When people speak of “entertainment value” they are usually talking about what the audience gets from being entertained.  This is about the other thing.

Last semester a guy in my Writing For Mass Media class named Matt told everyone about the Tulsa Review and that they publish student and faculty stuff and that they would be having a spring contest.  I thought maybe I’d just send something in and see if it would make the cut for publication.  Matt encouraged me to enter the contest, as they also considered the contest entries for publication as well, and you never know…

As it turned out, my little poem was awarded first place.  When they sent the award email, I read it three times before it sank in.  They didn’t say which one won, (I’d sent two) and I half-believed there would be a follow up email saying, “Oops, the last email was meant to go to so-and-so.”  So I shared my teary-eyed news with my husband and Facebook friends (And newsletter subscribers…hint, hint…) and waited for the other shoe to drop.  No email came, so I wrote back inquiring as to which poem won.  They told me it was “Carroll After Dark”, a work I’d sent in on a whim, and asked if I could attend the release party to do a reading.  I figured it would be the other one, which I won’t name here, as it is now under submission elsewhere.  Wiping the gratitude off of my cheeks again, I replied that I would be happy to do the reading.  The release party was everything a budding writer could have hoped for.  Some of my professors were there, and classmates new and not-as-new.  Friends all.

Nervous even after a great practice reading in class, I made it through without too many big fumbles and by the time the whole party was over I was walking on air, and crying as I left.  These were faces I would likely only see in passing for the rest of my life.  If I was lucky.  I was going to miss the talented, kind, and generous people I’d been surrounded by for the last three years.

Once home, my husband told me he was proud of me, and I bounced like a schoolkid.  I doffed the dress clothes, slipped into my comfies and sat down at the computer. The effort had been worth it.  It was the first time I’d ever won first place at anything I’d done with my brain. What’s more they’d genuinely liked something I wrote! They were entertained!  Even now, I sit and shake my head, half-disbelieving.  Hell, you’d think I’d won the Pulitzer.

So that was the charge they all talked about!  That was the high.

It wasn’t so much the winning.  It wasn’t the prize (I really hadn’t remembered there would be one).  It was watching their faces as I read.  All those faces got it!  They laughed.  They enjoyed it.  Irreplaceable. Priceless.  That meant more than anything. I may not always win, and I may never place again.  But it doesn’t matter as long as someone enjoys reading or hearing the work.

I know it won’t be everyone.  It won’t be all the time.  May never be again.  but I will always have the memory of that perfect day just before the first of May, when my readers and listeners were actually entertained, and I got to see it.


If you’d like to read “Carroll After Dark”, here is the link to the poem on the Tulsa Review website.  Go check them out, there are a TON of great poems, stories and works of art–all by Tulsa Community College students and faculty.


If you love it, consider subscribing to my newsletter.  They are quarterly, so they won’t cram your inbox, but they are crammed with stuff that subscribers will see before anybody else.  I never give out my friends’ info, and you, dear reader qualify.

Beltane Issue Set to Roll Out

The Beltane issue of Twisted Candle Newsletter is set to roll out on April 15, 2015!  This is only our second issue so if you want to get in on this free content and progress report, go to the home page and sign up now!  If you’re the kind of person who likes listening to the band warm up, then you’ll dig this.

Most of it is new poems and short stories that no one has really seen yet, along with some of the photography that hasn’t been released yet.  They won’t be put on the website here, but may appear in an anthology or chapbook somewhere down the road.  The point is, you will be the first ones in the whole world to see it. because you are important.  Stories must have both of us to live.  They only exist in the space between your mind and mine.  Just as the band plays fro those who listen, so the writer writes for those who read.  That’s you. Never forget how important you are.

Hope to see you on Newsletter day!


Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

On Tuesday, March 10th I got to go see Neil Gaiman speak here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was his usual fresh, witty, lovely self, and after accepting the Ambassador award from the Oklahoma Center of Poets and Writers, he gave several readings (in spite of a rather lengthy wrestling match with an ear-microphone that decided his ears were the wrong shape,) and talked about two of his favorite authors, R.A. Lafferty and Terry Pratchett.

It was a terrible blow to hear about Terry Brooks’ passing, so soon after hearing how wonderful an impact their friendship had made on Neil. Still, he carries on, and has done a wonderful interview that sort of turned into a memorial for Mr. Brooks. That video can be found here.

Terry Brooks had rear-brain Alzheimer’s disease. According to Mr. Gaiman this is different than front-brain Alzheimer’s in that instead of taking away memories, it takes away physical objects. Like he might see something and not recognize it for what it is. He was a champion for end of life rights and Alzheimer’s awareness. Taking up the cause for his friend, Mr. Gaiman is very vocal about Alzheimer’s as well, in the hopes that higher awareness will lead to increased research and maybe, someday, a cure.

Since Nimoy passed away recently as well, and the nation is still sort of reeling from the loss of Robin Williams, this has been a rough week. Thank the Gods that it’s spring break. It’s going to take some time to recover. 2013 and 2014 were rough on my family. 2015 is looking a bit rocky too. Keep us in your thoughts, I know y’all will be in mine.

Be good to one another. Be good to yourselves. Read Awesome Books.