January in the Forest of Dark Delights

Untitled design (2)So the holidays are over and I’m back in classes.  Totally ready for this semester–I think.  The book fair was fun, I got to meet a lot of nice folks and hang out with some old friends, and had some other friends (Hi Ian and Lisa! Hi Judy!) stop by my table and say hi.  It was a cold and blustery day,  so the turnout was dampened a bit, but it was still worth it.

Now the flush of holiday activity is faded, the fair is over, and the cold reality of late January is setting in.  This is my birth month, so you’d think I’d love it, but January is actually pretty rough for me.  Cold and I are not friends, and birthdays–while fun– always have that “contemplating my own mortality” vibe to them. (It begins at midlife, so get used to it.) Interesting, and with the bizarre string of deaths that we’ve had this January, it’s got me thinking:

  • The boomers are getting on in years.
  • There are two major points in each life that are an absolute requirement.  Birth and death.
  • In the next twenty to thirty years, the number of deaths is going to increase at the same rate as births did during the baby boom.

Depressing, yeah?  It’s not weird, it is the natural cycle, but what we will witness is an unprecedented increase in death rate.  In contemplating this, I wonder if that will mean an increase in the fascination with death, as occurred during the plague years.  Is it not appropriate for writers to contemplate mortality and the unknown right now?  Will the writing of this generation recover some of the Gothic tendencies of those first trailblazers, Shelley, Poe, and Hawthorne?

Granted the Gothic has never left our minds since its inception.  It has grown, changed, acquired appendages in disturbing places, but it has not ever disappeared. It can be traced through our modern romance, especially the paranormal that is so hot right now, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, and horror genres.

I liken it to the kraken of myth, or perhaps more aptly, Cthulu or one of his ilk.  Squirmy, hard to pin down, and with tentacles breaching every orifice sub-genre.  Still, this is where I’ve chosen to make my home, this forest of dark delights.  So I put my head sown and delve into these dark mysteries for you, dear readers.  For you I brave the dark nights and cold headstones.  Over the next few years I will be studying the Gothic on as many levels as time will allow, and I will share what I can for you here.  I will also resume my work on book 2 of The Nova Wave series, but don’t be too shocked if things get a little darker.  After all, what is a good tale without a few monsters?

Until Next Time…


Fundraiser Book Fair

I’ve been selected to participate in the Tulsa City–County Library’s annual fundraiser book fair.  There will also be a panel for aspiring writers!  Come on out and see us (40 local authors in all) and maybe get a book signed to boot!











Book Signing and End of Semester

So… this upcoming Saturday, November 28, 2015 I have a book signing at Needful Things Market in Owasso, OK.  Come on out and see me, and get a copy of the book signed.  I’d love to see you there!

Also the end of the semester is screaming right along.  Week after Thanksgiving is finals week.  I don’t want to say I’m stressing, but I am feeling the pressure a bit.  These classes are a little more challenging than the ones at TCC.  Also these classes were all online, where communication is sometimes an issue all on its own.

I am looking forward to next semester when I take fully half of my classes on campus.  I am also looking forward to Christmas break when I will do my own version of NANOWRIMO.  It will be a month late, but it will help me get the second book in The Nova Wave series done and ready to go out to you!

Lots of happy stuff in the works.

Stay tuned, and be well!


Friday the 13th

Santana and I would very much like to wish you a happy Friday the 13th!  We are still working on getting the website changed up, and we hope you are liking the changes so far!  Thanks for sticking with us, and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as we get the comments reinstated.  

Be well! ~D.


Book Launch a Success

Book Launch Halloween 2015 by Angela Van Winkle

I suppose it depends on what one calls success.  It’s not like Neil Gaiman came to the little town called Sand Springs for Halloween.  There were not hundreds of books sold.  If that is one’s definition of success, this was not it.

This was setting up a table in a lovely shop owned and operated by dear friends, and having a day-long parade of friends and family show up and shower me with affection.  That, my lovelies is my definition of success.  It may sound like stardom, and I have to admit they made me feel amazing.  To put it in perspective I am pretty much a complete unknown.  I am a small-town girl, and my newsletter e-mail list (until saturday) consisted of 4 people, of whom I was one. I don’t say this to garner sympathy, but to highlight the surprise and gratitude I felt at the idea of selling a book before I ever got there, and then selling twenty-two through the course of the afternoon.  Most of the sales were to people who had been watching my progress on Facebook, friends and family, but a few were new to me.

Still it wasn’t the sales that floored me.  It was that each of these people, many of whom I didn’t expect, took a few moments to come and see ME.  ME?! The level of amazement had me in happy tears off and on for the next three days.  It still gets me.  If you went to the Book launch and you are reading this blog post, know that you are one of the most precious people on the planet, and you have my eternal gratitude.  I love you.

If you didn’t get to come but wanted to, You also have my gratitude, and I love you too.  You are just as precious because you feel it.  Thank you.

Of course I over prepared as usual, but it went better than I could have dreamed.  To everyone at Earth and Soul and everyone who made the day amazing, Thank you.  You make it all worthwhile.