Out With The Old…

Toward tomorrow~


There are a lot of reasons 2016, especially the latter half of 2016 were a challenge for me.  I won’t bore you with details, but I will say that things seem to be looking up for 2017.  Let us hope there are fewer big setbacks this year. In positive news, I have received my birthday present a little early. My blackout edition Blue Yeti microphone, swing arm and pop filter have arrived, as well as a few acoustic panels.  While the mic is as wonderful as my friend Jesse said it would be, the acoustic panels are a bit thin.  I may need to upgrade those for the next order. I also have room now for bookcases. Things are looking up in the study as well as the podcast areas.  I hope to have Dark Lit Digest up and running before the year is out,starting with the podcast.  I am also working on the website for Twisted Candle Media and hope to have it functional before school starts.

I am really hyped about the podcast, and in case you couldn’t tell, am really hyped about 2017 in general.  Ready for the countdown!


Finals are OVER!

For better or worse, this semester’s finals week is over and done.  Now I can focus on other important stuff like family and working on the second book.


This semester’s been a rough one with so much going on in my world outside of school.  Here’s hoping that 2017 brings with it a change-wind that moves life in a more productive direction.  Not that I’ve been unproductive, but things have felt a little start-stop.

There is so much in the works right now, dear reader. This site is under revision, and I am preparing to create the Twisted Candle Media website and possibly a podcast to go along with it. While I do those things, I must complete Nova Wave, finish school, build the writing career, and find a place for Tom and I to settle besides our beloved lake. He loves it here, but it is getting time for him to look to real retirement, so he can actually fish.

The next few years promise to be eventful, to say the least. Bear with me dear reader, as I roll with the punches. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

Stay spooky my friends.


2017 Monster Carnival– Save The Date!

On March 4, 2017, I will be at the Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City for the 6th annual Underground Monster Carnival! I am so grateful to Art Sunday and the crew for inviting me to come and offer my books, bookmarks and book-related stuff.  This is something I’ve dreamed about and it’s finally happening!  Now, my cousin Lonnie and I just have to come up with costumes!

I think I’m going to try to be one of the novas from the Nova Wave, and maybe Lonnie can go as Kane Quinn. Seriously folks, this is amazing.  If you haven’t got your copy of Bone Sliver yet, get one and I’ll sign it.  If you can’t get one before March, come down and get one at the Monster Carnival! This is a one-of-a-kind event here in Oklahoma, and while there may be other cons and shows, none of them have the character and all out fun that this one has.


Even if you don’t come to see me, you should definitely come and check out the carnival.  You can learn more about this FANTASTIC event at the Underground Monster Carnival Website.


I Survived Summer Camp…

IMG_1949So, camp is over and I am safely back home where the hubby, the cat and the air conditioner live.  It was a bit rocky at first, but the folks there rallied about midway through, and we all somehow did survive.

Was it worth it?  Oh yes.

Will I do it again?  Unsure.

Mostly, I am thinking about how my body can handle it.  Kitchen work in the summer with no A/C is hard on a body.  Three meals a day for an average of a hundred people is hard.  Eight plus hours a day on middle-aged-post-injury feet is hard.  All together, it seems it may just be too much physically.  Also I am hoping to have a different kind of job next summer.   Hopefully one that involves broadcasting in some capacity.

This semester is going to be tremendously full.  That said, I do have a shiny new short story all ready for critique.  This one’s going to the critique group first, and then out into the big wide world to brave the submission process and vie with millions of others for actual money.  Payola.  Maybe.

Is the competition stiff? Heck yeah.

Am I scared? Continue reading “I Survived Summer Camp…”

Quark Woman

There was a young woman

Who lived on a quark.

She spent all her days

Just looking for work.


She had enough beauty,

She had enough class,

But always was ignored–

Because she had no mass.

New Concept Cover and Update

So the new concept cover is pretty nifty if I do say so myself.  And things are rolling along with the schoolwork.

I have the photos from the retreat uploaded, but the editing may take a few days.  In the interim, I give you this to feast your eyes on.  This is just the initial concept for the idea.  I am even now looking into how to turn this into goodies for my readers.  The question is, what do YOU want to see?  Fiction, nonfiction, full novel, collected shorts, poetry chapbook?  You can leave your thoughts in the comments or drop me a line at tcmedia@hotmail,com . I’d love to hear from you!

And so, without furBackwoods Gothicther ado, here it is…

You can see more of my concept development and meme generation on their new pages under the Nonfiction tab in the portfolio.


Short Break

Spring break is over at school and that means I have to put my head down and get to work.





April is going to be a busy month.  Tomorrow I go to the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters’ Conference with my classmates and then this weekend I am going to the wildcrafting retreat at St. Francis of the Woods, and in order to get all my homework done and prep for finals, I will have to take a short blog break.  A vacation if you like, just to get the semester rounded up well.  I like to finish strong.

To make up for my absence, I will try to post about the retreat and the conference on Facebook.  These will be the only ones until May, however, as I get on the schoolwork and build up material.

I may also have some amazing news soon about the broadcasting part of my career change.  I’ll have to wait a little while to know for sure, but the minute I find out, you can bet I’ll be posting.

Those who follow me on Facebook will know everything first, so If you want to be the first, look there.  You can find me here, here, or here. I am also on Instagram and twitter, and sometimes if I’m on the go that’s the only way I can update.  It’s about to get interesting!


Learning the Ropes and the Importance of Community

A large part of the conference I attended this weekend was about learning how to contribute to the community.  Not just the blogging community, but the community we live in as well.  It’s been a long old haul, but I think this weekend helped solidify some things for me in those areas.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s more that I really didn’t think I had that much to contribute.  I mean, I’m cool in my own little world and all, but I’m not such a big deal in the real world, right?

Not according to the ladies at Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  Their take is that each blogger is a voice in their community and that we all matter.  That we need to get out there and be in those communities, and that it is our duty to connect with them and share ourselves.  Somebody out there needs our message.

So, with that sacred duty in mind, I will be doing more.  Those words struck a deep chord in me, and made me realize that since I’ve been going to school and trying to develop my professional skills, I have in a sense stepped away from who I was and what it was that I wanted to do in the world.  In the effort to become a professional, I’d stepped away from my natural self in the sense that I had stopped blogging about nature, wildcrafting, weird stuff, and pretty much everything except the writing.

While these posts are (hopefully) helpful to some, they are not the sum total of who I am, and represent only a tiny fraction of what I truly care about.  Therefore in the coming months, I will be making a return to self, and working on getting involved in things in my community that matter deeply to me.  Nature, the arts, and more. You will see those posts here as well.

So tonight, as I listen to the early season frogs chirrup and the winds in the trees, I will be thinking of you, dear reader, and how I can best serve you.

If you have ideas, questions or comments, you can e-mail me at tcmedia@hotmail.com . I’d love to hear from you!

Yours ever