I Survived Summer Camp…

IMG_1949So, camp is over and I am safely back home where the hubby, the cat and the air conditioner live.  It was a bit rocky at first, but the folks there rallied about midway through, and we all somehow did survive.

Was it worth it?  Oh yes.

Will I do it again?  Unsure.

Mostly, I am thinking about how my body can handle it.  Kitchen work in the summer with no A/C is hard on a body.  Three meals a day for an average of a hundred people is hard.  Eight plus hours a day on middle-aged-post-injury feet is hard.  All together, it seems it may just be too much physically.  Also I am hoping to have a different kind of job next summer.   Hopefully one that involves broadcasting in some capacity.

This semester is going to be tremendously full.  That said, I do have a shiny new short story all ready for critique.  This one’s going to the critique group first, and then out into the big wide world to brave the submission process and vie with millions of others for actual money.  Payola.  Maybe.

Is the competition stiff? Heck yeah.

Am I scared? Continue reading “I Survived Summer Camp…”

New Concept Cover and Update

So the new concept cover is pretty nifty if I do say so myself.  And things are rolling along with the schoolwork.

I have the photos from the retreat uploaded, but the editing may take a few days.  In the interim, I give you this to feast your eyes on.  This is just the initial concept for the idea.  I am even now looking into how to turn this into goodies for my readers.  The question is, what do YOU want to see?  Fiction, nonfiction, full novel, collected shorts, poetry chapbook?  You can leave your thoughts in the comments or drop me a line at tcmedia@hotmail,com . I’d love to hear from you!

And so, without furBackwoods Gothicther ado, here it is…

You can see more of my concept development and meme generation on their new pages under the Nonfiction tab in the portfolio.


Short Break

Spring break is over at school and that means I have to put my head down and get to work.





April is going to be a busy month.  Tomorrow I go to the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters’ Conference with my classmates and then this weekend I am going to the wildcrafting retreat at St. Francis of the Woods, and in order to get all my homework done and prep for finals, I will have to take a short blog break.  A vacation if you like, just to get the semester rounded up well.  I like to finish strong.

To make up for my absence, I will try to post about the retreat and the conference on Facebook.  These will be the only ones until May, however, as I get on the schoolwork and build up material.

I may also have some amazing news soon about the broadcasting part of my career change.  I’ll have to wait a little while to know for sure, but the minute I find out, you can bet I’ll be posting.

Those who follow me on Facebook will know everything first, so If you want to be the first, look there.  You can find me here, here, or here. I am also on Instagram and twitter, and sometimes if I’m on the go that’s the only way I can update.  It’s about to get interesting!



The Kindle Countdown Deals start tomorrow on BoneSliver!  Get ’em while they’re hot!

Kindle Countdown Coming Up!

Reformat, New Site and New Merch!

So, there are some neat things coming up, as we get ready to switch into high gear at Twisted Candle Media.  First off, we have a badass new logo.


To boost the success of the company itself, Twisted Candle Media will be getting its own website soon, and the goodies I have for sale will be listed there.  This site will remain just for the author page and the services I offer.

Here’s some of the goodies we’re gathering up  to go with the books, and soon we hope to offer other people’s stuff as well!  Here is some of the cool stuff you can pick up at our booths this year…IMG_1099IMG_1100

And that’s just the beginning.  Bone SLiver is getting a reformat to increase distribution across platforms, and I plan on increasing our services and stock as well in the coming months and years.  The improvements come with the book sales, so remember to write those reviews, folks!   Look for appearances and booth dates coming up soon!




January in the Forest of Dark Delights

Untitled design (2)So the holidays are over and I’m back in classes.  Totally ready for this semester–I think.  The book fair was fun, I got to meet a lot of nice folks and hang out with some old friends, and had some other friends (Hi Ian and Lisa! Hi Judy!) stop by my table and say hi.  It was a cold and blustery day,  so the turnout was dampened a bit, but it was still worth it.

Now the flush of holiday activity is faded, the fair is over, and the cold reality of late January is setting in.  This is my birth month, so you’d think I’d love it, but January is actually pretty rough for me.  Cold and I are not friends, and birthdays–while fun– always have that “contemplating my own mortality” vibe to them. (It begins at midlife, so get used to it.) Interesting, and with the bizarre string of deaths that we’ve had this January, it’s got me thinking:

  • The boomers are getting on in years.
  • There are two major points in each life that are an absolute requirement.  Birth and death.
  • In the next twenty to thirty years, the number of deaths is going to increase at the same rate as births did during the baby boom.

Depressing, yeah?  It’s not weird, it is the natural cycle, but what we will witness is an unprecedented increase in death rate.  In contemplating this, I wonder if that will mean an increase in the fascination with death, as occurred during the plague years.  Is it not appropriate for writers to contemplate mortality and the unknown right now?  Will the writing of this generation recover some of the Gothic tendencies of those first trailblazers, Shelley, Poe, and Hawthorne?

Granted the Gothic has never left our minds since its inception.  It has grown, changed, acquired appendages in disturbing places, but it has not ever disappeared. It can be traced through our modern romance, especially the paranormal that is so hot right now, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, and horror genres.

I liken it to the kraken of myth, or perhaps more aptly, Cthulu or one of his ilk.  Squirmy, hard to pin down, and with tentacles breaching every orifice sub-genre.  Still, this is where I’ve chosen to make my home, this forest of dark delights.  So I put my head sown and delve into these dark mysteries for you, dear readers.  For you I brave the dark nights and cold headstones.  Over the next few years I will be studying the Gothic on as many levels as time will allow, and I will share what I can for you here.  I will also resume my work on book 2 of The Nova Wave series, but don’t be too shocked if things get a little darker.  After all, what is a good tale without a few monsters?

Until Next Time…


Fundraiser Book Fair

I’ve been selected to participate in the Tulsa City–County Library’s annual fundraiser book fair.  There will also be a panel for aspiring writers!  Come on out and see us (40 local authors in all) and maybe get a book signed to boot!