6 Things I Gained From My “Good Things Jar”

  1. More good stuff happens than I realize.  Seems obvious, right?  Here’s the kicker.  I wrote lots of stuff down, but for every one thing I put in, there were at least three that I forgot to put in.  The upside is, that as I went through them, I remembered some of the ones I forgot to put in, so it’s like getting bonus notes.

  2. Going through the notes highlighted areas of my life that could use a little improvement. Not to take away from all the good stuff that is there. Seeing all the achieved goals and good moments that I was able to achieve, it allowed me to see where I wanted to go in the coming year, which leads me to the next one.

  3. It helped solidify my goals. Sometimes the only thing that needs a boost is motivation.  Seeing all that I’ve achieved helps me direct my activities the following year.  Thinking about all the steps that it took to achieve each one helps be decide what steps I need to take to achieve shiny new goals.

  4. It reminded me just how much my family and friends mean to me. So many of the good things in my jar were results of the support and encouragement of my family and good friends that I was really pretty choked up for a while (okay, I bawled like a baby, but they were good tears).

  5. It motivated me to try and do at least as many things this year that result in good things in my jar. Because motivation is always hard to come by, but seeing how far I’d come showed me that I can, indeed do this.

  6. It helped me recognize gratitude as something beyond religious affiliation. I was grateful, not necessarily to any deity in particular, but to all those people, my parents and husband, and yes, even to the universe as a whole.  Whatever unseen forces might or might not have conspired to help me out.  Them too.  Gratitude doesn’t have to be tied to anything.  It can exist on its own, like kindness and a moral compass.

These are the things my “Good Things” jar gave me this year.  Here’s hoping for even greater epiphanies next year.