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(Book 1 of The Nova Wave, Urban Fantasy Series)

Maxwell Edison, agent of The Office of Human Protection is given an assignment.  Sent to Tulsa Oklahoma, he’s staking out a spreading rash of anomalous activity unprecedented in the world so far.  With agents and civilians dying all around him, it’s up to him to find a way to stop the oncoming paranormal cataclysm that has been engineered by a mysterious shadow organization.

In the face of unstoppable magic, can he hold on to his humanity?

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The Nova Wave

(Book 2 of The Nova Wave Urban Fantasy Series) Work in Progress, 2nd revision stage.



The Crescent and the Crow (Drafting Stage)


The Hidden Hands (Working Title)

(Book 1 of The Green War) Outlining and Drafting Stage





Weathered (Entering Final Production)

An Anthology of Atmospheric Tales and Poems.



HANG TIGHT… Things are shifting!

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