Welcome to My Home on the Web!

You have found the place where I put several of my creations online for your perusal. I am a writer first, but I also edit, design things like memes, brochures, websites, and jewelry, so I consider myself a multi-media creative. (Etsy page to be updated soon!) I write nonfiction, fiction and poetry, and have several writing samples here for you to view.

You will also find links to my other larger projects and some of my friends and favorites. If you would like to contact me for a quote, you will find that info under contact. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest. Soon, I will be rolling out the link to my patreon page as well, which will enable me to write the second book in The Nova Wave book series, titled Nova Wave. Why name the series after book 2? You can learn the answer to that on the Nova Wave Series page.

There are lots of exciting changes coming up for me and my professional life, so be sure to check out the blog and follow me on social to get all the freshest, juiciest news.

To find my publishing blog and info, be sure to check out the new site, Twisted Candle Media.
I’ve decided to keep the personal blog here, and will be adding new content as it becomes available.


Note: most of the new posts will have to do with the writing.
Expect to see updates on events, progress on WIP’s, and more.
There might also be new additions to the portfolio soon, so stay up to date!