Post Election Reflection


The 2016 election is over, and some will be celebrating while others are disappointed.  The thing to remember here is that regardless of who you personally voted for or who won, this was a historic election, and we had the chance to take part in making history.

Regardless of how people felt about her personally, America has had their first female presidential candidate.  Regardless of how people feel about him personally, America has had its first presidential candidate in decades with no political background.  Both of these things set  or expand upon precedents, and the US is a country founded on setting precedents that are later expanded upon.

Generally, I avoid talking politics like it comes with a Black Death chaser, but in this case I felt I had to make an exception.  The takeaway is this:

If you won, great.  Be happy, and celebrate, do what you can to make this precedent count. Please don’t be hateful about it.

If you lost, I truly am sorry. Grieve, recover, and do what you can going forward to make this precedent count. Again, please don’t be hateful about it.

We are a nation whose greatest strength is the power to make our voices heard.  The differences of opinion and the ability to come to a democratic solution and move forward as a whole are what have made and keep this nation strong.

I’m not saying that those who were disappointed should just accept things and move on, I am saying that they should continue to fight within the system for what they believe in.

I’m not saying that those who won are right or wrong, I am saying that they too should continue to work within the system for what they believe in.

If the system no longer works for either side, then it’s time to change the system.  Let’s figure out how to do that.

This is a nation of idealistic, creative, driven people, and I believe in it.  We can rise above our differences, come to realizations and understandings, and push on toward a greater tomorrow.

And no.  I’m not telling who I voted for. I have no interest in the Black Death.