Monstrous Monday: Crimson Peak



Do ghosts qualify as monsters?  How about the murderers who made them?

Cover art for Crimson Peak
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Crimson Peak has both, and this delightfully Gothic Horror has the added bonus of some seriously shocking scenes.  Director Guillermo delTorro makes the most of the genre’s atmosphere to deliver what may be the best movie in its class this year. Drawing from sources like Rebecca and Wuthering Heights, delToro collaborates with screenwriter Matthew Robbins to create a place like no other, a place where the very earth bleeds.



Our heroine Edith Cushing is swept off her feet by the handsome and titled Baronet Sir Thomas Sharpe, but something is not quite right with her newfound love and his land.

Image Permission through EPK.TV
Image Permission through EPK.TV

Surrounded by strange happenings, and gifted with the ability to see ghosts, a grave warning from her mother’s ghost goes misunderstood until it is too late.

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Thomas’ Sister Lucille seems to have an agenda of her own.  When new ghosts show up to haunt her in her new home, Edith knows all is not well, but will all of her revelations come too late to save her?




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In her corner is would-be beau, Dr. Alan Michael.  Dr. Michael picked up her cause when things begin to not add up, and then it is a race against the clock to save Edith.  With winter closing in, Crimson Peak is swiftly becoming the most dangerous place for her in the world.

Overall this is the most enjoyable Gothic flick I have seen in a very long time.  I give it four and a half skulls, if not for horror, then for the full attention to detail and for being absolutely true to the Gothic genre. LOVE IT.