Victor Frankenstein Review

Picture of Blu-Ray cover for Victor Frankenstein
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Of course we know the tale.  As Igor says in the opening scenes of Victor Frankenstein, the monster is more famous than the man.  If you watch this movie thinking it is a regular horror flick, you will likely be disappointed.

Shelley’s classic has always shown a deep philosophical bent.  This new treatment expounds on that and plays up the Gothic atmosphere and the emotional and psychological aspects of the story.  And then there is the casting.

Daniel Radcliffe makes a convincing, if conflicting Igor.  James McAvoy pulls in just enough arrogance and exuberance to make Dr. Frankenstein believable, and Andrew Scott portrays the Ahabesqe inspector Turpin.  Jessica Brown Findlay makes a lovely and lively Lorelai.

While it might not get a full five skulls, it gets four from me for its heavy Gothic leanings and the attention to motive.  It’s a little tame by American horror standards, but it makes up for it in stellar casting and great atmosphere.

After all, it is written by Max Landiss of American Ultra fame, and who happens to be legend John Landiss’ son.  That said, this film, directed by Paul McGuigan, did not set well with the critics at Rotten Tomatoes, and Roger Ebert wasn’t a fan either.

Me?  I like a conflict-ridden, english-actor-packed, gothic-horror-romance.  And, interestingly, if not ironically somebody in the film has two hearts.  (No spoilers here, though.) Not a bad flick for a Monstrous Monday.

Wait…what?  You want to know about the monster?  Well, let’s just say that there was more than one, and that THE monster was definitely larger than life, and almost as tragic as he should have been.

Look for a new Monstrous Monday post next week.  Though they won’t always be film reviews, they will be related to the Gothic Fiction, Film and Television Genres, as well as anything related.  We’ll try to keep it fresh, and with any luck, we’ll find lots of great local stuff for our readers in Oklahoma.

Until then darlings, stay mysterious…