Fitness Friday

Finding the junction of fit and food is the biggest help one can have in the quest for a healthier lifestyle.  Who does one listen to?  Who can one really trust in the miasma of information (some good, and some arguably not-so-good) on the internet?  I’d like to know too, so why not take you along with me?

I’m thinking of doing a regular feature here on the blog that will help folks sort out the real good from the stuff that just wants to sell you crap.  In addition, I am upping my work on the lifestyle book I want to create.  The working title is Scary Good Life.  It might change later, it’s still in the planning and recipe development stage now.  This book is being designed to help the reader build his or her own menu, action routine, and goal schedule, in order to build a lifestyle to keep themselves fit and fulfilled.  The meals will come in right around 400 calories each.  This means that even if one eats four meals a day, they still only take in 1600 calories.  1600 calories is a 400 calorie savings off the standard 2000 calorie diet, and if one only eats three, they save a whopping 800 calories.

The idea is to present meals so satisfying and yummy, that there is no excruciating diet to worry about.  There is no calorie counting, and once the lifestyle is embraced and put into action for a while, the occasional splurge isn’t going to kill your results.

I will be talking with nutritionists and fitness experts (as I am not in any way an expert at the moment) to build the system and bring all of the parts together in a comprehensive manual.

If you would like to weigh in on the project, have recipes or insights to share, or questions about the project, you can drop me a line at I’ll be tickled to hear from you.  Until next time…

Be Well